I provide heart-led support and grounded presence to pregnant and birthing people before, during, and after birth. My work holds trust in the biological aspects of birth and focuses on strength in collaborative practices with everyone involved. I believe in what you and your community can do.

Reproductive experiences are largely about embracing the unknown and balancing what can be prepared for with what is out of our control. I believe that no matter how your experience unfolds, feeling heard, capable, and able to make informed decisions throughout can help you move into life ready for whatever comes next. When you and I decide to work together, I am committed to being present with you throughout your process in whatever physical or emotional state you may be, for an experience that may be deeply personal, powerful, transformative, challenging, or something entirely different. It is my work to support you in the ways that work for you and to be sensitive to the diverse birthing needs, intentions, and situation of each individual. My practice is rooted in a belief that all people deserve the power and resources to make decisions about their own bodies, genders, sexualities, and families for themselves and for their communities.