Before, During, After Birth

Two prenatal visits | Two prenatal visits prior to your birth to explore your vision, discuss possibilities and concerns, review techniques and tools, and anything else. I am available to you for support throughout pregnancy.

Labor & birth | I am on-call for you beginning at 38 weeks gestation. Call me when labor begins and when you request my presence. I stay with you throughout labor and birth to provide emotional, physical, and informational support in the form of pain management, breathing and relaxation techniques, positioning suggestions, massage and touch, encouragement, facilitating communication with medical staff and support team, explaining birth physiology, and nurturing an overall comfortable environment. I stay with you for a few hours postpartum.

Postpartum home visits | A few days after birth, I offer one to two postpartum visits to give space to reflect on your birth experience, offer feeding support, referrals, and anything else. 

Fees | My services are offered on a sliding scale to enable clients to pay an amount that is right for them.


Fourth Trimester (3 months postpartum)

As a postpartum doula, I work with you anytime during the three months after the birth of your baby. I have knowledge of feeding and newborn care, can help alleviate common anxieties for new parents, and help process the experience of your birth.

Day & Night Shifts | Postpartum care focuses on nurturing the parent-baby dyad with the least intervention possible. I hope to support new parents and give them the confidence to care for their baby/babies in the best way for them.

Each family has different needs that may change from day-to-day. A postpartum session consists of a check-in, formulation of a plan, and can include any of the following: feeding support, spending time with baby/babies so everyone can rest, basic household tasks, assistance with after-birth healing, organization and light housekeeping, support with baby care and baby wearing, simple meal preparation, walking/feeding animals, etc.

Day shifts are 4-8 hours | Night shifts are 8-10 hours

Fees | My services are offered on a sliding scale to enable clients to pay an amount that is right for them.