Fourth Trimester

(3 months after birth)

As a postpartum doula, I work with you after the birth of your baby and in the weeks that immediately follow. I have knowledge of feeding and newborn care, can help alleviate common anxieties for new parents, and help process the experience of the birth.

Free Consultation | We meet to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Day & Night Shifts |  Postpartum care focuses on nurturing the parent-baby dyad with the least intervention possible. I hope to support new parents and give them the confidence to care for their baby/babies in the best way for them. Parent and baby have a unique bond and will learn from each other.

Each family has different needs that may change from day-to-day. A postpartum session consists of a check-in, formulation of a plan, and can include any of the following: feeding support, spending time with baby/babies so everyone can rest, basic household tasks, assistance with after-birth healing, organization and light housekeeping, support with baby care and baby wearing, simple meal preparation, walking/feeding animals, etc.

Day shifts are 4-8 hours

Night shifts are 8-10 hours